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Lee Barnett

Although not an artist by trade, Lee has been creating works of art for over 20 years.

He first started using natural media, mainly pencil and pastels then moved to sculpture which to this day he still works with. Lee's first encounter with digital art occurred about 8 years ago, when he first became aware of Curious Labs Poser software. This allowed Lee to quickly create figure based images which he subsequently postworked to create his own unique image style.

Lee still uses Poser in its latest incarnation, but mixes its use with other 3D applications like Maxon's Cinema 4D, Blender and Vue d'Esprit, to create complete 3D imagery that is then taken into Photoshop and postworked.

In recent years Lee became a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists in the UK and exhibits at art shows like Erotica in London and other adult galleries. He is also a member at the renowned Renderotica website, where he recently won a competiton to become a Premier artist, winning commission based gallery space.

Lee has also recently been published in JADE magazine.

Lee takes his inspiration from many sources, but quotes the likes of Hajime Sorayama, Marcus Gray, Sean Gallimore, Carlos Cartagena and Julie Bell as having the greatest influence upon his work.

When Lee is not creating artwork he is either sculpting for his other business 'CopyCat Creations', or he is busy creating websites and bespoke E-Learning solutions using Authorware, Dreamweaver, Flash and Director as part of his day job.

Lee's aim is to retire next week, although he thinks this may be a bit optimistic, and instead longs for the day when he has sufficient funds to emigrate to the Coromandel in New Zealand, give up the rat race and become a starving artist walking the peninsulas many beaches.